Mentha piperita

Mint, Menta, Nana

Mint is grown in northern parts of Vojvodina and there are 3 sorts that dominate in this region: Mitcham, Improved Mitcham, and domestic sort “Danica”. Variety in those lays in the essential oil content. “Danica” can contain up to 4 % of essential oils.

The total yearly production of mint in Serbia is app 300 to 400 tons, so we can supply our clients with significant quantities of this plant. From this year's harvest we are able to deliver 20 tons of good quality mint

We usually purchase and process mint leaves, but according to customer’s requests we can process the whole plant with separation of the stalk from the leaves.   

Fractions of mint that we can offer vary from 2 to 12mm.

Packaging depends on the fraction, and can be done in cardboard boxes, natron paper or nylon sacks.