Mentha piperita

Mint, Menta, Nana

Mint is grown in northern parts of Vojvodina and there are 3 sorts that dominate in this region: Mitcham, Improved Mitcham, and domestic sort “Danica”. Variety in those lays in the essential oil content. “Danica” can contain up to 4 % of essential oils.

The total yearly production of mint in Serbia is app 300 to 400 tons, so we can supply our clients with significant quantities of this plant. From this year's harvest we are able to deliver 20 tons of good >>


Malva sylvestris

Mallow, Crni slez

We can proudly say that we are the biggest exporters of mallow in Serbia. It is grown in northern parts of Vojvodina and is being dehydrated naturally.

This year, we can supply our clients with up to 8 tons.

Packaging of mallow can be in 10 or 12 kg PVC sacks.

If requested, we can also perform plant fumigation for the client.


Althaea officinalis

Marshmallow, Beli slez

Marshmallow is grown in northern parts of Vojvodina.

Although the root of this plant is mostly requested from clients, we can also provide smaller quantities of leaves, too. We deliver marshmallow in 50x50x50mm cubes.

Yearly quantities of marshmallow vary between 3 and 10 tons.

From this year, we will be able to provide 5 tons of Marshmallow natural (peels and rootlets)


Melissa officinalis

Lemon balm, Maticnjak, Metvica

Leaves of lemon balm are provided in dehydrated condition and can be delivered in cardboard boxes, natron paper or nylon sacks. Fraction is done according to demand. Yearly quantities we can supply customers with are 5 to 10 tons


Allium ursinum

Ramson, Medvedji luk, Sremus

Allium ursinum is grown in southern parts of Serbia and is being dehydrated naturally. As it is a protected plant species, we have provided all the necessary permits for collecting, processing and exporting. We can supply 15 to 20 tons of leaves yearly in natron paper or nylon sacks of 6 to 8 kg.


Matricaria chamomilla

Chamomile, Kamilica

Quantities of chamomilla that can be provided depend on yearly yield and can be given upon client’s requests.


Lavandula officinalis

Lavender, Lavanda

Lavender is grown in southern Serbia and we can deliver up to 10tons of dehydrated lavender blossom.